Tri-ang R348 R639 Giraffe Car/Sniper Car track clips (Four)



Tri-ang R348 R639 Giraffe Car/Sniper Car track clips (Four)

These clips are designed to fit between the sleepers on System 3 and Super 4 track. This version can be fitted in different ways depending on your preference. They can be fitted by sliding one rail out, fit the clips in position and then slide the rail back or if you are unable to slide one rail out they have holes for a small pin so that they can be pinned to the baseboard. If using the pin method then the lugs on the sides of the clips will need to be filed down in order for them to fit between the rails.
Once fitted a piece of system 3 or super 4 rail is slid (upside down) into the tops of the clips
They are produced using eco friendly PLA with an extrusion (FDM) printer.

Please note that this is for the clips only and no track or rail is included

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