R110 Rocket Cradle For R343 Rockets gallery Image

New Battlespace Loads Created For R110 Wagon

Two new Battlespace related items released to complement the original range.

These rocket cradles fit onto the R110 wagon. One is designed to carry the R343 style rockets and the other is designed to carry the R216 style.

Make your battlespace trains even longer with these two additional models.

T118 Cattle Dock Fences Product Image

TT T118 Cattle Dock Fence Released

A set of reproduction fences has now been released for the Tri-ang TT T118 Cattle Dock. Bring your cattle dock back to life if it has missing fences sections. The reproduction panels will fit with existing panels but will need to be weathered/repainted to match the colour of the original panels.

New items added

I have today added some more items to the inventory including colour variations on the Transcontinental loco pilots and replacement rooves for the Tri-ang TT T78 and T79 wagons

Go Live!

Today is the day we have finally gone live!

Looking forward to helping you add to your model railways 🙂

Best regards