Hello and welcome to DC Resin Replicas.

DC Resin Replicas was founded through my love of model railways (particularly Tri-ang) and my other love of 3D printing.  Currently, I am making replacement parts for locomotives and wagons which have lost bits during their time.  Battlespace rockets, aerials, chimneys etc are amongst the items i am currently selling.  The range of items available will be ever expanding so keep an eye out.

If you have a requirement for a replacement item, it doesn’t matter what make, then please get in touch and I will see if i can reproduce it for you.  In order to reproduce items accurately, I will need an original to copy from.  If you would like something custom made then I can work with you to produce it if you can provide diagrams and measurements.

Postage uses a flat rate of £3 for all orders and is second class standard to the UK only at this time.

I look forward to helping you restore your models to their former glory

Thank you and happy modelling