Hello and welcome to DC Resin Replicas.

DC Resin Replicas was founded through my love of model railways (particularly Tri-ang) and my other love of 3D printing.  I am making replacement parts for locomotives, wagons and coaches which have lost bits during their time.  The range of items available is ever expanding so keep an eye out for updates.

As the site name suggests, items are going to be produced where possible using a resin printer.  Currently, while I perfect the resin printing process, items are NOT reproduced using resin and their description includes mention of them being produced using Eco friendly PLA.  Resin printed items will be added with time and will be marked as being resin printed.

If you have a requirement for a replacement item, it doesn’t matter what make, then please get in touch and I will see if I can reproduce it for you.  In order to reproduce items accurately, I will need an original to copy from.  If you would like something custom made then I can work with you to produce it if you can provide diagrams and measurements.


Postage uses a flat rate of £1.50 for all UK orders and is Royal Mail second class standard.  If you are located overseas then please email me using the mail link at the top of this page with details of what you would like to order and where you are located and I will reply with a price including postage.  Please note that if ordering from outside the UK, that you will be liable to pay any import duties levied in your own jurisdiction.


Credit/Debit card payments can be made via the following methods :-

PayPal, Google pay, Apple Pay, Square payments

I look forward to helping you restore your models to their former glory

Thank you and happy modelling